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Lullaby Of Birdland


'Lullaby Of Birdland', by Stan Getz

Last Tuesday, February 14th 2011, Sir George Shearing died at the respectable age of 91. He was the composer of ‘Lullaby Of Birdland’, among 300 other titles.

Of course, the most heard versions of this tune are by Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, so I thought it would be nice to play this version by Stan Getz, from his great album ‘The Complete Roost Recordings’. This collection is a three-disc, 59-track box set that contains most, but not all, of the recordings Stan Getz made for the label in the 1950’s. Roost was the first label Getz recorded for as a leader, and what’s surprising about these sessions is how mature he sounds here. He had already arrived at his full, rich tone and was able to improvise with skill and grace.

Stan Getz - The Complete Roost Recordings

This particular take was recorded on December 19th, 1952 in New York City.

Stan Getz - Tenor Saxophone
Jimmy Raney - Guitar
Duke Jordan - Piano
Bill Crow - Bass
Frank Isola - Drums 



・How are you? 

・How are you doing?

・How have you been?

・How is it going?

・What’s up?

・What are you up to?

・Long time no see.


いつもI’m fineと言っているあなた!決して間違いではありませんが聞く相手はいつも同じ受け答えではおもしろくありません!その時々の気持ちを言えるようにしましょう!

・I’m fine.

・I’m good.

・Not bad.

・Not too bad.

・Same as usual

・It’s good.

*How is it going? と言われたらIではなくItを使う。

・Everything is good. 



・See you soon. 

・See you in an hour. 

・See you next time. 

・See you in a while. 

・See you tomorrow. 

・See you next week. 

・I’ll catch you later. 

・Have a nice day. 

・Have a nice weekend. 

・I’m looking forward to meeting you. 

・I had a great time. 

・Take care. 

・Take good care. 



・Thank you very much. 

・Thank you a million. 
*言葉遊びとしてa millionなどをつけて感謝の程度を表す事ができます!

・Thank you for your time. 

・Thank you for your kindness. 

・Thank you for coming. 

・Thank you for not telling a lie.

・Thank you for your help.

・It’s a big help. 
・とても助かったよ。 大きな助けだったよ。

・I cannot thank you enough.  

・It’s nice of you. 



・You are welcome. 

・You are very welcome. 

・ My pleasure.
・ どういたしまして。 光栄です。
*You are welcomeより丁寧。



・How’s the weather today? 

・It’s raining. 

・It’s sunny.

・It’s windy.

・It’s hot 

・It’s warm. 

・It’s chilly  

・It’s humid.

・That’s a lovely day. 

・It’s becoming hot. 

・I can’t stand the heat 

・Winter is gone.

・Spring is here. 

・Summer is coming. 



・ Nice to meet you. 
・ 初めまして。

・ My name is Yuko. 
・ 私の名前はゆうこです。

・ I’m Yuko. 
・ ゆうこです。 
* カジュアルな自己紹介ではこちらの方が主流。

・ My father named me Yuko. 
・ 父がゆうこと命名しました。

・Call me Yuko. 

・ My nickname is yu. 
・ あだなはユウです。

・ I’ve heard about you from Kyoko. 
・ あなたの事はきょうこから聞いてるよ。




・How old are you? 

・I’m twenty four.

・I’m around twenty five. 

・I’m in my early-twenty. 

・You seem older. 

・You seem younger. 

・Many people say that. 


・What do you do? 

・My job is a teacher. 

・I work at a restaurant. 

・My office is closed to Umeda. 


・Where do you live? 

・I live in kyo-bashi.  

・I live in countryside. 


・What’s your hobby? 

・My hobby is watching movies. 

・What do you do in your free time?
*趣味を聞くには、What’s your hobby?よりもこちらの方がナチュラルな質問です!

・I play soccer in my free time.

・I’m a car maniac. 

・I like being outside. 

・I just chill out. 


・What kind of music do you like? 

・I like Western music. 


・Tell me about your family. 

・My family has four members. 

・I have an older sister and a younger brother. 

・I have a big sister. 

・An only child is lonely.

・My parents do almost everything. 

・My parents are overprotective. 

・My mother is understanding. 



・This is Yuko speaking. 

・Can I speak to Mike? 

・Is there Mike? 

・Mike! You have a phone call! .

・I cannot hear you. 

・Could you speak up? 

・The line is busy. 

・Give me a call . 

・Give me a ring.

・Call me again. 

・Call me anytime.

・I will call you later. 

・I’ll call you in 10 minutes. 

・Talk to you later.

・I’m sorry for not calling you. 

・I dial the wrong number. 

・May I have your phone number?

・I picked up the phone. 

・I hung up the phone. 




・I’m sick.

・I have a cold. 

・I have a cough.  

・I have a sore throat. 

・I have a temperature. 

・I have a runny nose. 

・I have a stomachache. 

・I have a headache. 

・I have a pain in my side. 

・I have a lump on my arm. 

・I have a bruise on my arm. 

・My foot has an injury.  

・I have a shoulder ache. 

・I have diarrhea. 

・I have insomnia. 

・I have my period. 

・I have goose bumps. 

・I have jet lag. 

・I’m constipated. 

・I’m shivery. 

・I feel dizzy  

・My eyes are itchy. 
・目がかゆい 。

・My skin is sensitive. 

・Iwant to vomit.


・I’m allergic to egg. 

・I have an egg allergy. 

・I have allergies. 

・I’m suffering from allergies. 


・I’m in shape. 

・I’m fit. 

・I’m out of shape. 

・All you need is your health. 

・How do you stay healthy? 

・Do you smoke? 

・You look pale. 
・青白いよ。 ダイエット

・I watch my diet. 

・I’m watching my weight. 

・I’m on a diet. 

・I’m counting calories. 

・I want to lose weight.

・I overate. 

・I’m fat. 

・I’m overweight. 

・I weigh 60 kg. 

・I lose my appetite. 

・Do you exercise? 

・She is fixed on beauty. 

・I have good eyesight. 

・I have love handles. 

・I have a double chin. 

・I have beer bellies. 

・Do you have six packs? 

・I want to be thinner. 

・I want to be bigger. 

・I like medium-sized guys. 

・He is wiry. 

・She is slim. 

・She is skinny. 

・He is muscular. 



・I’m friendly.

・I’m lazy.

・I’m clumsy. 

・I’m indecisive. 

・I’m athletic

・I’m gullible. 

・I’m easy-going. 

・I’m optimistic.

・I’m pessimistic. 

・I’m supportive.

・He is out-going. 

He is childish. 

・He is childlike. 

・He is fidgety. 

・He is boring. 

・He is fun. 

・He is serious. 

・He is greedy. 

・He is honest.  

・He is talkative.

・He is short tempered. 

・He is mild tempered. 

・He is charismatic. 

・He is talented. 

・He is down to earth. 

・He is whipped. 


・She is stingy. 

・She is cheap. 

・She is thrifty. 

・She is moody. 

・She is jealous.

・She is independent. 

・She is creative. 

・She is irresponsible. 

・She is responsible.

・She is self-centered. 

・She is hardworking. 

・She is polite. 

・She is rude. 

・She is bright.

・She is a neat freak. 


・The teacher is energetic. 

・The teacher is organized. 

・The teacher is technical. 

・The teacher is patient.   

・The teacher is reliable.  

・The teacher is trustworthy.


・They are patriotic.

・They are hospitable. 

・They are independent.


会話においてかかせない必須表現がもりだくさんです! 「わかる」「わからない」の表現をはっきりとできるようになりましょう!!とても役に立ちますよ!


・Are you following me? 

・Can you follow me? 

・Is that clear? 

・Are you with me? 

・Do you understand? 

Ok with me so far? 

・So far so good? 

・Does that make sense? 


・I got it. 

・I understand. 

・I know. 

・I see. 

・That’s right. 



・I’m not clear. 

・I don’t understand. 

・I got lost. 

・I don’t get it 

・It beats me. 

・I’m sorry but I couldn’t follow the last sentence. 


・Could you repeat that? 

・Pardon me? 

すみません? ん?

・Could you spell out? 

・Please reword that. 

・What are you driving at? 

・What are you talking about? 

・Could you be more specific? 

・Could you speak more slowly? 


・How do you spell? 

・How are A and B different? 

・What is the opposite word of A? 

・How are they similar? 

・How are they different?  

・What should I say? 

・Shall we change the topic? 

・Do you mean A?

・This is an open-ended question, could you narrow it down? 

・Anything else? 

・Any questions for me?




・How much is it? 

・How much does it cost? 

・20 bucks. 

・It’s a regular price. 

・It is on sale for 500 yen. 

・That’s cheap. 

・That’s expensive. 

・It’s a reasonable price. 

・Could you give me a discount? 

・There is no price on it 

・I got ripped off. 

・The shop ripped me off.

・He overcharged me. 

・He undercharged me. 


・Can I try it on? 

・That’s not bad. 

・It suits you. 

・Nothing was quite right. 

・Nothing fits right. 

・Do you have a smaller one?

・Do you have a bigger one?

・It’s a knock off T-shirt. 

・I bought a second-hand jacket. 

・I’m a hat girl.

・I’m a pants girl.

・My shirt was inside-out. 

・I take off my clothes. 

・I put on my shoes. 

・I take off my shoes.

・These new shoes are killing me.




・Hi, there. 

・I’ll take cheese burger. 

・I’ll have cheese burger. 

・To go or here? 

・To go.  


・Can you make it less sweet? 

・How would you like your steak done?

・Rare, please. 

・Medium rare, please. 

・Well-done, please. 


・I’m hungry.

・I’m ravenous. 

・I’m starving to death. 

・Smells good. 

・The food is mouthwatering. 

・How did it taste? 

・That’s very delicious.

・It tastes funny.

・The food is greasy. 

・May I have one bite? 

・Are you finished? 

・Please eat properly. 

・Please eat nicely.  

・I cannot taste the difference. 

・We have to put the sushi aside for him 

・The restaurant is well-known for good food.

・What do you recommend?

・What’s your favorite food? 


・Who pays? 

・Go Dutch. 

・It’s my treat.

・He treated me to dinner. 

・I offered to pay. 

・They didn’t let me pay. 



・Do you like drinking?

・I’m tipsy.

・I’m drunk. 

・I have a hang over.

・I’m a good drunk. 

・I’m a bad drunk. 

・Drinking is a good escapism. 

・What’s your favorite cocktail? 

・I don’t know my limit. 

・This bar is questionable. 

・Say when. 

・I’ll join you later. 


・Is this seat taken? 

・Take a seat, please.

・What did you watch?

・Who did you go with? 

・Who is your favorite actor?

・What’s your favorite movie? 

・What kind of movies do you like? 

・I like adventure movies.

・Who is in the movie? 

・What is the name of the movie? 

・When will it come out on video? 

・The movie is almost over. 

・It’s based on a true story.

・It’s a typical Hollywood movie.

・I was touched. 

・The movie was boring.

・I like the end of the movie. 

・It is a chick flick. 


・ I like to go traveling abroad.

・Where have you been to? 

・Where have you traveled to? 

・I have been to Spain. 

・I went all over Thailand.

・I have never been to Australia 

・I want to go to the states. 

・I went to England on business. 

・I’m going on a business trip next month. 

・We hitch-hiked. 

・Where did you stay? 

・I booked a hotel. 

・I will travel to England for Christmas and New Year.

・My favorite country is Thailand.

・My least favorite country is Thailand. 

・How do you like Tokyo? 

・How was it? 

・What sticks out in your mind ? 


・It’s not my day. 

・I always have a mishap. 

・I’m in trouble. 

・Nothing I can do. 

・She makes bad situations better. 

・Put your bad feeling aside. 

・One problem went away. 

・Give me back my money. 

・The lights went out. 

・The fire alarm went off. 

・He is a shoplifter. 

He got caught shop lifting. 

・He got away with shop lifting. 




・I agree with your idea. 

・I kind of agree with your idea.

・I strongly agree with your idea. 

・I partially agree with your idea. 


・I disagree with your idea. 

・I don’t agree with your idea. 

・I don’t buy it. 



・I’m sick of you. 

・I’m sick and tired of you. 

・I’ve had enough. 

・How many times do I have to tell you? 

・What is your problem? 

・That’s not fair.

・I’m upset. 

・I get mad. 

・I’m pissed off. 

・You piss me off 

・Stay away from me. 

・Get lost. 

・Get out of here. 

・Leave me alone. 

・He holds a grudge against me. 

・Stay calm. 




・Are you teasing me?

・Don’t make fun of me.

・You are pulling my leg. 

・I’m not joking. 

・I laughed until my stomach ached. 

・I laughed my head off. 

・I laugh out loud. 

・She has a laugh attack.

・What are you giggling about? 

・I caught you in a lie. 

・I can tell you are lying. 

・My lie will grow. 

・It’s a white lie.  




・I go out with him. 

・I’m unlucky in love. 

・I broke up with him. 

・He used me. 

・Did you dump him? 

・Do you believe in love at first sight? 

・I don’t believe in destiny. 

There is a lot of distance between us. 

・You are hard to read. 

・I want to find the right person. 

・I like him as a friend. 

・He is just a friend. 

・She let him on. 

・Are you trying to seduce me? 

・I’m over the line when I talk about him. 


・She thinks all men are cheaters. 

・Once a cheater, always a cheater.  

・I cheated with him. 


・Baby was unplanned.  

・Are you married? 

・She divorced her husband. 

・He has 2 children from previous marriage.


・I set you up. 

・I asked him out. 

・I hang out with him.


・What do you look for in a guy? 

・What kind of men do you like? 

・He is not my type. 


・He is my present boyfriend. 

・He is my ex-boyfriend.

・I keep in contact with my ex-girlfriend. 

・I lost touch with her.  

・My first kiss was with my father. 


・We fight all the time. 

・Our characters aren’t alike.

・He is mama’s boy.  

・We bickered. 

・I don’t want to be a burden  

・I would like to be the last of your worries. 


・I’m here for you. 

・You are my everything. 

・You are all I need. 

・Be my valentine. 

・You are the love of my life. 

・You calm me down. 



・I want to speak English fluently. 

・I’ m nervous when I speak English. 

・I learn from mistakes 

・My English ability is very limited. 

・I have no chance to speak English. 

・I don’t have enough time to study English.

・I want to understand movies without subtitles. 

・You need to focus on learning grammar.

・Grammar is my weakness. 

・How should I study grammar by myself? 

・How do you stay interested in English? 

・I stay interested in English by watching movies.

・My English isn’t good enough to work 

・She will brush up on her English. 


・I want to get out of the class. 

・I skipped the class.

・I have to absent the lesson today. 


・I hit the books. 

・The student is a keener. 

・I got a bad score. 

・I have to retest. 

・What’s the class size? 

・The class size is 12.

・I have a Bachelors degree in English. 




・I throw a party. 

・I have a party. 

・I run around preparing for the party. 

・Sounds like a great party!

・I will be there, however, can you tell me what time you expect the party to finish?

・I would love to come to the party. Is it ok to bring a friend?

・Thank you for the invitation but I am unable to make it.

・I won’t be able to make it to the party. Thank you for inviting me anyway.

・I’d love to come but unfortunately I’m very busy this week.

・I’m sorry. I cannot make the party as I will be working.

・I have plans on the same day with my friends. Have a good time though.

・I’m not sure if I can come or not, but I want to, so put my name on the list. I’ll do my best to make it on the 3rd!


・Let’s go tanning. 

・I peeled my skin. 

My fingers were shriveled. 

・The river is shallow. 

・I remember going sea with my father. 


・Play it by ears. 

・We got lost. 

・I promise not to go there. 

・The plan was cancelled. 

・I take her to Osaka. 

・I show her around Osaka. 

・Are you used to Osaka? 

・I saw her off at the airport. 

・I go on a picnic with my family. 

・The bus doesn’t run today. 

・I cherish the memory. 

・Come whenever you like. 




・What time is it? 

・Do you have the time?
*What time is it?より丁寧 

・My watch is five minutes fast.

・Time flies by.

・The weeks fly by. 

・The class flies by. 

・Time is up.  

・It’s time. 

・It’s time to finish. 

・I lose track of time when I watch TV. 

・I have to kill time. 

・I left 10minutes after you. 

We spend a lot of time together. 

I’m enjoying my free time. 

・I’m a morning person. 

・I’m a night owl. 

・Right now. 

・That’s soon 

・That’s coming up soon. 


・What’s today?

・What’s the date today?

・I count down the days. 


・You are late. 

・He is careless about time 

・He always keeps us waiting. 

・He is punctual. 


・Wait a minute.

・Just seconds. 

・Just a moment. 

・I’ll be right back.




・What do you do? 

・My job is a teacher. 

・I work at a restaurant. 

・I work for the company.

・My office is closed to Umeda 

・She works in a kindergarten. 

・Is there an age limit for teachers? 

・I will quit my job. 

・I’m satisfied with my job.  

・My job is stressful.

・How long have you worked for the company?

・How many hours do you work a day? 

・My work days change week to week.

・I was transferred from Tokyo to Osaka. 

・My life revolved around work 

It’s difficult to balance work and pleasure.


・I work 5days a week.

・I need some time to relax 

・I got 2 days off. 

・Saturday is my day off.



・Oh, that takes me back. 

・That makes me remember. 

・I’m not sure I can remember all the details but I went to Kyoto.

・I’ll never forget the time I went to Tokyo. 

・As you remember it, I went to Okinawa. 

・I can relate. 

・The same thing happened to me. 



・I’m nervous. 

・I’m embarrassed. 

・I’m burn out. 

・I’m exhausted. 

・I have no energy.
*I have no powerとは言わない。

・I’m not in mood. 

・I’m excited. 

・I’m excited about going there. 

・I’m happy.

・I’m sad. 

・I’m bored. 

・I feel alone 

・I felt insecure. 

・I was scared  

・I feel guilty. 

・I got frustrated. 

・I cannot control my feelings. 

・I cannot put up with it. 

・I’m impressed with myself. 

・I’m disappointed in him.  

・Don’t let me down. 

・She is very emotional. 

・I hide my feelings. 

・I feel my heart beating. 



・Somehow なぜか
・Somehow, I chose this book.

・Finally やっと、ようやく
・Finally, I graduated from the university. 

・Fortunately ラッキーなことに
・Fortunately, I met him.

・Unfortunately, I don’t have the book.

・Honestly 正直に言うと
・Honestly, I don’t want to go there.

・Deep down 心底は、本音は
・Deep down, I really like you.

・Officially おおやけには
・Officially, I’m here to work.

・Secretly 内緒では
・Secretly, I’m here on vacation

・Anyway それはそうとして
・Anyway, I have to go.

・Anyhow, let’s eat something.

・By the wayところで
・By the way, did you join the party?

・At first はじめに
・At first, I add a pinch of salt. 

・First of all まず、はじめに
・First of all, we have to book a hotel.

・In my generation わたしの時代だと
・In my generation, everyone knows him.

・In my understanding 私のとらえ方だと
・In my understanding, the heroin died.

・In my experience 私の経験だと
・In my experience, men like women.

・In particular とくに 
・In particular, There is nothing I have to do now . 

・From our search 私たちの調べた結果では
・From our search, this map is more useful than that one.

・Off the top of your head 気楽に考えて
・Off the top of your head, why do you want to study English?

・I don’t mean to pry 詮索するつもりじゃないんだけど~
・I don’t mean to pry, why do you go out with him?

・If you don’t mind my asking 私の質問がいやじゃなかったら~
・If you don’t mind my asking, why don’t you get married?

・I mean つまり
・I mean you should go there.

・I don’t mean ~のつもりじゃなくて
・I don’t mean that.

・A small part of me 私の中で少しだけ~な自分がいる。
・A small part of me believes him.






・Holly smoke.  

・Oh, my goodness. 

・Oh, my god. 

・Oh, boy 




・Good for you.





・Well done! 




・Good job! 




・No problem. 

・Don’t worry. 

・Don’t be sorry  

・Never mind. 


・Forget it. 

・I’m sorry. 

・Take your time. 

・Take it easy. 

・Cheer up. 

・Don’t be afraid. 

・Don’t be shy. 

・It’s going to be OK.


・Don’t we all? 

・Come on. 

・All right. 




・Fair enough. 




・For sure. 

・Of course.


・I knew it.

・That’s what I want to say.

・That’s what I thought. 

・Just in case. 



・How was it? 

・Go on, so what happened? 

・How did you react? 

・Are you serious?  


・How come? 
・どうして? *Whyより口語的。

・Why not?
・どうしてダメなの? *否定文に対してのみ使う。

・What are you giggling about? 

・Is that a compliment or an insult? 


・We got side truck 

・We went off the track. 

・Where were we? 

・Let’s get back on topic. 

・Let’s back to the beginning. 

・Move on 


・You sparked my curiosity. 

・I’m just curious. 

・Don’t get my hopes up! 


・Are you teasing me? 

・Don’t make fun of me. 

・You are pulling my leg 


・You are exaggerating. 

・Stop exaggerating. 


・Give me a rest. 

・Give me a break. 


・It’s up to you. 

・It’s all up to you. 


・Stop it. 

・Cut it out. 


・Do my best. 

・I try hard. 


・All done. 

・That’s all. 

・Is that it? 


・Go ahead. 

・After you. 
*Go aheadより丁寧。

・I’ll go first. 


・I’m on my way. 

・I’m coming.


・Be careful 


・Be nice. 



・Nothing special. 

・It just is. 


Don’t go there. 

・It never crossed my mind. 

・That’s a good question. 
・イイ質問だね *困った質問をされた時に使える言葉。

・It’s on the tip of my tongue. 

・That’s all I could come up with. 

・I’m just saying what everyone is thinking. 



・It’s cozy. 

・It’s scary.

・It’s boring. 

・It’s crazy. 

・It’s crowded. 

・It’s strange. 

・It’s unreal.

・It’s loud.

・It’s disgusting. 

・It’s awkward. 

・It’s horrible. 

・It’s useless.  

・It’s weird. 

・It’s innate. 

・It’s interesting. 

・It’s strict.

・It’s far.

・It’s close.



・Thank you for your quick reply.

・I will e-mail you later.

・Please e-mail me back.

・I received an invalid message from you. 

・Could you please send your e-mail again? 

・I haven’t got an e-mail from you.

・I haven’t received your e-mail. 

・I’m sorry for the late reply. 

・Did you get my e-mail?

・I sent to your cell phone.

・I get a lot of junk mails every day.

・I’m looking forward to your reply.

・Please e-mail me back.

・After you confirm this e-mail, please e-mail me back.



・Are you available on this coming Monday?  

・Please let me know your availability. 

・How about next Monday?  

・I’m not free on Monday.

・Monday is open all day.

・This coming Monday would be the best date. 

・I’m available until 8:30pm. 

・I’m usually free after 6pm on weekdays.

・I have to travel to Nanba.  

・I will be away from Osaka between the 5th and the 10th of January.

・At this point, my schedule changes every week. 

・I don’t know my schedule right now, I’ll e-mail you later.

・The lesson will be on Monday the 20th January at 10am in Umeda.

・Let’s set the date. 

・First, I have to check my schedule. 

・8:30 pm is convenient for me.
英会話 WILL lab 英会話教室が運営する英会話学習者のためのオンライン無料講座

Paintings vlog sacredfemininegypsyheart:
Hyakka Ryoran - Matsuri via Tumblr


Paintings vlog sacredfemininegypsyheart:

Hyakka Ryoran - Matsuri
via Tumblr


“Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life.” – Lord Byron
(汝、人生における嵐の中の虹であれ。- バイロン)

日曜日の夜中に、Daylight Saving Time が終了しました。日本ではサ
Spring Forward, Fall Back という言い回しで、春は時計を一時間進め

Don’t we all…


Don’t we all…

・Don’t we all…
会話相手が、望みごとを “I wish ~” 「~だったらな」と話をしていて、

これは、”Yes, I wish for that too, but it’s just a dream. It’s not likely to come true.”

A: I wish I could meet a guy who’s responsible and doesn’t act like an immature child.

B: Don’t we all. Don’t we all.


Perpetuum Mobile Op. 5 No. 4


Novacek - Perpetuum Mobile Op. 5 No. 4

Itzhak Perlman (violin) & Samuel Sanders (piano)